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UFC's Unethical Domestic Violence 

Company Background
The UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship, is an MMA sports promotion company that allows fighters from all over the world with different fighting styles compete for glory. The UFC was founded in America in 1993. The business was founded by Art Davie and Rorion Grace (mmawild). They place a series of fights that takes place around the world. Fighters would be put up against fighters that are suitable against each other to compete at different weights. Fighters will try to climb the ladder to challenge the best fighter of that weight division for the belt. There are a set of rules and regulations to provide a clean, fair match and to make it as safe as possible. Like boxing, they fight inside an octagon/cage instead of a ring and there are judges to provide the scores. The UFC is the most popular MMA promoting company that popularized mix-martial arts even though it was around for a long time.                                             Ethics Case Controversy
             The whole controversy all began because of Nurmagomedov and his crew decided to gang up on Lobov. According to a couple of videos, he brought his crew with him to confront Lobov and accused him of calling Nurmagomedov a pussy. He continued to deny that he called Nurmagomedov that. After the end of their conversation, he smacked Lobov in the head (MMA Focus). That’s what sparked McGregor’s hate towards Nurmagomedov and why he attacked the bus. Once he heard that his teammate was hurt by Nurmagomedov, he flew from Ireland to America in pursuit of vengeance. He brought his own group of people to search for Nurmagomedov. He went to in an area where all the buses are parked and looked for Nurmagomedov. Once McGregor spotted him, McGregor immediately grabbed 
whatever he can to try and hurt Nurmagomedov. He threw many objects at the bus, but what injured two fighters was when he threw a dolly at the bus. Security attempted to stop him from rampaging the bus to prevent any further injuries (rollingstone). Nurmagomedov left the bus to confront McGregor, but it was hard for him to get close to McGregor because there was security swarming around them. They both were furious and insulted each other. Nurmagomedov threatened to beat him up and responded angrily with, “I’d like to see you try.” This is what sparked the official fight between them inside the Octagon. Dana White, president of the UFC, decided to let them settle their matters by fighting it out. The world couldn’t wait to watch a fight between the two best lightweight division fighters. 

McGregor is known for trash talking during press conferences. 
Conor McGregor's bus attack
           This time, he went a bit too far with his trash talks because they were disrespectful. Trash talks are normal in the UFC, however, he insulted Nurmagomedov's family, religion, and country. There’s only so much a man could take, and McGregor went too far with his insults. Although trash talking is part of the sport, there are words and topics that shouldn’t be used as insults. He is known for getting into his opponent’s head and getting them angry with his insults, which is why he went so far with his trash talk. He brought alcohol to the press conference and offered a shot to Nurmagomedov when he was aware it was against his religion to drink; however, he persistently insists and pressured Nurmagomedov to have a shot of whisky (UFC). Someone’s family, religion, and country should not be talked bad about and should be respected. 
At the end of the fight, Nurmagomedov won by submission on the fourth round. After the fight, Dillon Danis was insulting him with very offensive language and racial slurs which made him jump over the cage (sportsjoe). He tried to kick Danis in the air but security was holding both of them back from fighting. McGregor tried to help Danis by trying to climb over the cage too, but he spots one of Nurmagomedov's cousin trying to join the fight as well. He punched Nurmagomedov's cousin to stop him from joining the fight. Two other of Nurmagomedov's teammates jumped into the cage to attack McGregor (complex). That wasn't the only brawl that happened; McGregor fans were fighting Nurmagomedov fans. 
Khabib Nurmagomedov jumps over cage


           Through the lens of Individualism, their goal is to maximize profit legally. Friedman’s theory approached prioritizing maximizing profits and is obligated to only do what’s best for the business. On the other hand, Machan’s theory is to do that but considering indirect goals that is not aimed at profiting and other goals. An Individualist would try their best to maximize profits, and the ideal way for the UFC to maximize profits while would want to keep McGregor and Nurmagomedov because of their popularity in the UFC. This wouldn’t be illegal since all the fighters who were involved in the controversy were dealt with lawfully. Conor McGregor was a two-time world champion who earned his two titles spontaneously. No one did what he did in UFC history, which makes him worth having because of his accomplishments. His accomplishments are what attracts fans to watch him fight. This would benefit the UFC because it would increase profits, but this would be considered unethical to the eyes of an Individualist because domestic violence is considered to be illegal.


             Utilitarianism considers everyone’s wellbeing and happiness, so they would do their best to maximize everyone’s happiness. The main people’s happiness that the UFC must consider are the fans and the fighters. Since the company is all about promoting fights, they should give the fans a fight they want to see. Many fans want a fighter to fight a specific fighter because they want to see an intense fight between them—usually they want to see the best against the best. It makes the event more interesting and entertaining because no one knows who will come at the top and makes betting more fun. The UFC did this with UFC 229; a fight between McGregor and Nurmagomedov. When their fans are entertained, they are satisfied with the events. But they failed in keeping the environment safe and keeping the environment safe should be prioritized. Individualism would increase security and add stricter rules to ensure their consumers feel safe. When someone feels safe, they feel happier because they won’t have to be worried about getting hurt and violence adds on to more hatred.

        Kantianism primarily focuses on letting customers decide what they want to do, but they would provide the information that is necessary for their customers. This method gives consumers more flexibility on their decision. Kantianism, in terms of the UFC, would not fire any fighters because they want to focus on having more fighters available for events, so the fans could decide whether to watch or not. It is by good will to let all the fighters not get fired because it gives room for entertainment and that’s the purpose of the UFC. A big part of sports tradition is betting on who will win. Kantianism would have two of the best fighters to compete and everyone will bet money on whoever they think will come out victorious, but to help fans decide who to bet on they will provide information and accomplishment of the fighters. They would respect a fan’s decision on who to bet on. Kantianism would not fire McGregor or any fighter because it would limit their decision on who they want to watch and limit who they want to bet on.            
            Kantianism strictly follows the formula of motivation. The formula of motivation gives a general rule of thumb a business should follow: being honest with fans to gain their trust, being honest because they like their fans, and being honest because it’s right. The UFC gave out the accomplishments of both fighters and showcased the main fighters’ training session publicly on stage. This is what a Kantian would’ve done. The fans got to see with their own eyes on how the fighters prepare a fight. They interview fighters and have them answer questions that are frequently asked or fan questions. That’s as honest as you can get when informing consumers about a product because the fighters are like the UFC’s products since they are what sells the fights. And when they give their own opinions, it’s coming from their experience and their own knowledge. The formula of humanity states that a business should treat their consumers in a way they would treat humanity. It has exactly the same meaning as “treat others the way you want to be treated.” In a Kantianism perspective, they would be honest with their fans by keeping their promises. For example, when they promote an event, the company should try their best to make that event happen on that time and day.     
            The four main virtues in business are: courage, honesty, temperance, and justice. Courage is identified as being risk-taking and willing to follow an idea or action. Dana White followed this by allowing the fight to happen. It’s a crazy fight and anything could happen. McGregor also demonstrated courage by agreeing to fight when he hadn’t fought professionally in the UFC for two years. Honesty was demonstrated a lot by giving the correct information on the fighters. Although the fight between the two was a disappointment to many fans because the UFC promised a good fight between the two. The fight wasn’t as great as many fans were expecting it to be. It felt like McGregor didn’t keep his word when he said he’ll give a good performance because he was utterly dominated my Nurmagomedov. This also aligns with temperance as it is defined as “reasonable expectations and desires.” Most people expected both fighters to give an outstanding performance, which shouldn’t be expected because anything could happen in sports. The brawl after the fight was totally unexpected and did not give the company justice. Part of justice is to have a good idea and fair play, and letting this fight happen was not a good idea. There was no fair play in the main event of UFC 229, but there was bad behavior and horrible sportsmanship. 
          The controversy sparked because there was beef between the two fighters. If these two fighters were not allowed to fight, this controversy wouldn't have happened but the UFC would not get their profits. To prevent these circumstances from ever occurring again, I believe the UFC should create more rules and regulations for the fighters during press conferences and fights. They should also try to become stricter if regulations are broken such as longer suspensions, firing, or fining fighters. 

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