Thursday, February 14, 2013

Buffalo Wild Wings Syracuse Scandal (End of Janurary 2012)

Based on a paper by Erin Filmer
Summary done by Tom Moore

Buffalo Wild Wings is a company that started up in 1981 in Kent, Ohio.  Being in Ohio there had been no places that offered a New York style buffalo wing.  Determined to have the type of wing that they wanted, Buffalo Wild Wings got opened up to provide this exact style of wing.  Buffalo Wild Wings may have started off as a small business but now it has turned into a huge franchise where there is a Buffalo Wild Wings in forty one states.  What sets Buffalo Wild Wings apart from other places is that it has a welcoming environment that is centered around sports by providing televisions across all of the walls and also providing trivia games that can be played from the bar or while you are having dinner.    Despite all of the good things that Buffalo Wild Wings provides, they hit a rough patch in the end of 2012 when a bar tender at Buffalo Wild Wings did not follow through with instructions that he was given on getting the job.  During the Syracuse and West Virgina college basketball game Chet Sanders was told by a customer that he wished the game would go into overtime because he did not want to go back home to his "stupid kids and annoying wife."  In working at Buffalo Wild Wings this signifies that the "Buffalo Wild Wings Mole" should be notified so that the mole, who is at the sporting event, can do what is in his power to have the game extended so that Buffalo Wild Wings would in return profit more.  Chet found the customer to be acting like a "douchebag" and therefore did not notify the mole.  In not notifying the mole Buffalo Wild Wings regional manager was notified and said to have no choice but to fire Chet on not doing his job. 

Individualism is the idea that the company does whatever it takes to maximize their respective profits.  An Individualist would agree with Chet being fired from his position.  The purpose of having the "Buffalo Wild Wings Mole" is so that the game can last longer, therefore resulting in more people staying at Buffalo Wild Wings buying more drinks and food.  The Longer the game goes on the more profits that Buffalo Wild Wings would be able to produce. Also looking at it from a law perspective it seems to be legal for things to be carried out this way  Therefore and individualist would definitely support the actions of Buffalo Wild Wings. 
Utilitarianism is the theory that happiness and pleasure are of the highest value.  This happiness needs to be present for both parties.  Those who believe in Utilitarianism would not be happy with how this turned out.  No parties were able to experience happiness from the outcome that occurred.  The customer is not happy because the game did not continue so he had to go home.  Chet is also not happy due to the fact that he responded to the situation in the way that he thought was right but in the end he ended up getting fired from his job.  The manager of Buffalo Wild Wings also did not find happiness because he felt as if he had to fire Chet, even though it is not what he might have done if he had had the option.
A Kantian believes in four main aspects.  These four main aspects include acting rationally, respecting people, making rational decisions, and making decisions that are based on the goodwill.   A Kantian would believe that the actions my Chet were played out exactly how they should be.  Chet acted in a manner that he believed it be acting rationally.  He did not think it was right to extend the game if it was for the purpose of the customer not wanting to go home to his wife and kids.  Chet made his decision based on his beliefs.  The Kantian would view Bufffalo Wild Wings asctions as unethical due to the fact that if they were to actually extend sporting event games then the outcome of the games would be lieing to the public because the games are not being played out the way that they should be.  The public may not know this and Kant would say that it needs to be stopped.   
The Virtue theory is a theory that consists of many different outlooks such as honesty and courage. There is not that much of a virtue outlook on this case but from a virtue perspective the honesty really stands out.  Chet was honest about the situation in saying what Buffalo Wild Wings was telling him he should be doing even though it was absurd.  Chet was honest with the public and did good in bringing attention to the manner.  The honesty in this sense may have slandered the company but it was what needed to be done in the situation that Chet was placed due to Buffalo Wild Wings actions.   
These facts are based on the original paper done by Erin Filmer, titled "Buffalo Wild Wings Syracuse Scandal" October, 2012


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